Ascend Wealth Management believes in an ongoing, integrated financial planning experience that is able to deliver value multi-generationally. In many ways, financial planning has never been more difficult than it is today. We believe that we have a unique ability to guide our clients through the various headwinds that exist, no matter their current life stage. We take particular pride in the planning strategies that we implement for those that are at or nearing retirement.

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Today’s Retirement Planning: Getting to and Through Retirement

Many people are focused on saving a certain amount for retirement but don’t think about what they’re going to do with that money once they reach retirement—to make it last as long as they do. This video explains the different strategies needed for accumulation and distribution and why people need to know that there is a difference.

Market and Economic Commentary

Access a timely summary of market happenings and economic indicators, plus get a glimpse of what's come in our Weekly Market Commentary. Find a timely summary and insightful commentary on economic and financial market trends in our Quarterly Market Commentary. Topics include:

  • Stock market performance
  • Developments in Washington
  • News from abroad
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Gross domestic product
  • Consumer Spending

Income Annuity: A Guaranteed Retirement Paycheck

People are living longer and need to create income that lasts a lifetime. This video explains the role an income annuity can play in helping create guaranteed income in retirement.

Northwestern’s Unique Approach to Financial Planning

Learn what to expect from the process of creating a financial plan with Northwestern Mutual.

Ryan T George, CFP®, CLU®, RICP®
Wealth Management Advisor

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How We Stress-Test Northwestern Mutual

Learn more about how our focus on financial strength has helped us make good on our financial promise throughout our 160-plus-year history.

4 Spending Traps to Avoid While Social Distancing

While you might feel like you’re saving money while staying home, you may find hidden fees that add up. Read more.


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